Hello world

“Hello world” blog posts are lame.  They are not interesting and I avoid reading them.  But I need to post this one.

Why?  Well, I’m in the IT industry and I’ve blogged on my previous employer’s communities site.  I have recently left that company and joined a new one.  The point-and-click corporate blogging experience I used previously made it easy to push out content but I wasn’t crazy about the rigid formatting or the need to keep writing content related to products sold by my company.  Now that I have I left I want the freedom to build my own site and blog about whatever.

So what is the best way for an IT infrastructure guy to start blogging?  I’ve recently gotten interested (and certified) in AWS.  Mind you, I’m not an AWS expert but I’ve gotten through the learning curve and can get around AWS fairly easily.  So I figured I’d find a way to spin up a blog in AWS to keep my skills sharp while working on the site.

I started looking around AWS and found Lightsail.  Lightsail has its pros/cons which I’ll continue to explore in future posts but it takes some of the drudgery away from getting an instance running in the AWS cloud.  That ease of use comes at the expense of scalability, resiliency, and performance.   But it is quick & easy to run and will scale up (a bit) if you wind up needing more resources.

I’m specifically using WordPress on Lightsail.  WordPress for me is a work in progress, I haven’t worked with websites since the late 90s.  So I’m using a canned WordPress template and working out the kinks as I go.  Some things work, some things don’t.  And the formatting looks pretty goofy.

Which all means to say that this “hello world” post is a way to help me work through the setup with a short intro post.  I’ll do more posts about various things soon and get everything working.

So there it is, a short post to help get this blog off the ground.  It isn’t particularly pretty or creative, but thanks for reading anyway.